Friday, August 19, 2005

Rested, rejuvenated, and... still sleepy?

I have resurfaced from that place I came from. Actually, I resurfaced on Monday, but I wasn't quite ready or articulate enough to resurface on this blog. The vacation...was lovely. Just lovely. I had a lovely time swimming in the lovely clear water of Stony Lake, a lovely time sleeping in until the lovely hour of 10 am (who knew that when given the chance to sleep...well, forever...I would wake up at TEN?!), and a lovely time reading my lovely books in the lovely sun all day. Here are some highlights:

  • A squirrel broke into the cottage during the night and ate bread, butter and hamburger buns. He came in through a hole in the window screen and then attempted to take the entire bag of bread back out the window with him, but he lost due to the laws of gravity and space.
  • I sat in the sun every single day and still barely have a tan. I doused my hair with Sun-In every day as well, and have only a few measly highlights to show for it.
  • We got stopped in the boat by a police boat for an inspection and the officer lectured us about how our "American" life jackets weren't good enough. He said Canada's life jackets are so good that NASA uses them. Ha!
  • I finallllly got to go on the Maid of the Mist boat at Niagara Falls and it was just as (if not more) amazing than I imagined it would be. We were right up by the base of the Canadian horseshoe falls and they were spraying us! There is something extremely gratifying about being rained on by fresh, clear falls water. It is something like being re-born, especially when the boat starts rocking around and the wind blows through your hair and your too-big blue poncho lifts off your sticky skin like a piece of tape. I'd do it again in a second.
  • We ate at this expensive little Italian restaurant in Niagara, where we sat on the outside patio with a guy playing ACCORDIAN music. I was so happy to be living my vacation restaurant dream that I didn't even mind that the restuarant was across the street from the 3-D Dino ride, or that the entrees cost $25 a pop. I paid and it was just lovely.
  • I went up the CN Tower in Toronto, one of the tallest buildings in North America. There is a 6-inch-thick glass floor at the top you can step on, and you can see all the way down to the streets below! I of course stepped on it and got my requisite picture taken.
  • We ate twice at Planet Hollywood due to K's obsession with their chorizo nachos. I think it is quite silly to eat at a very American restaurant in another country, but I was powerless to stop it. Plus, their nachos really are damn good.
  • We went to a bar/restaurant in Toronto that had the best mango daquiris and pina coladas I have ever tasted. I had three of them.
  • We stayed in the honeymoon suite in Niagara. It was a very large room with a very nice heart-shaped, elevated jacuzzi (no, really) with jets, but it would NOT have been a nice room for an actual honeymoon. Note to self: Do not honeymoon in Niagara, despite your inclincation to have a honeymoon kiss on the Maid of the Mist.

All in all, a very successful trip. However, the problem with very successful trips is such a downer to return to your normal life. I think maybe there should be a name for the post-trip downer...maybe post-traumatic trip syndrome? See, the problem with PTTS is that regular life is never as glamorous, exciting or clean (yes, clean) as your vacation was. For example, I returned to a very messy apartment, with my stack of mail still sitting in its shoebox by the door, my shoes still splayed out on the carpet like land mines, and my bedroom chair still piled high in a heap of clothes. I also returned to the monotony of work, to the same tasks I had started but not finished before I left on vacation.

So how is a girl to deal with PTTS? Well, if you're me at the moment, you go home and cry. It took about four days for my PTTS to set in, but yesterday it unleashed in a steady of stream of tears as I took the elevator up to my apartment. Good thing no one was in the elevator with me. Now, PTTS wasn't the only thing that brought on my salty pity party...I think it was that combined with the fact that (a) I am a highly emotional and sensitive (i.e., volatile) person, (b) I am pre-menstrual, (c) I have a business trip in a week that I don't feel like going on because I am already tired from my vacation, and (d) I start class the day I return from said business trip and that is a tad bit VERY stressful for me.

Anyway, enough of my rant. The point is that I enjoyed my vacation, and now I need a vacation from my vacation so that I can catch up on sleep, do laundry, clean the apartment, and prepare for my business trip and school.

See? I just can't win.


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