Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sweet elixir of life

In the process of packing my lunch this morning, I happened to throw in a chocolate bar. Actually, I didn't "happen to" do it. I completely did it on purpose. I opened the freezer door, rummaged around for the perfect bar, and carefully placed it in my bag. The question on my mind now as I sit staring at the opened, partially eaten bar on my desk is: How can I go about nonchalantly eating chocolate after yesterday's full-figured fiasco (outlined in the below post)? I'll tell you why... it is because I am not eating an ordinary chocolate bar. This is an Aero bar.

For those of you not familiar, Aero bars are lovely little confections made by Nestle. They are filled with little air bubbles, giving them a wonderfully rich yet light taste. But by some odd conspiracy of the fates, Nestle does not sell these bars in the United States. However, they are plentiful in Canada, which may be part of the reason I'm so excited to go there every year. So, the Aero bar I have today is just one of very few that I brought back across the border with me.

I opened my bar at exactly 2:20 pm with the intention of making it last until I leave for the day. It is now 2:40 and I've eaten about a quarter of it. It is truly scrumptious, and worth every calorie. As I opened it, the thought that crossed my mind was: "Oh, sweet elixir of life." I kid you not. I actually thought Oh sweet elixir of life. About a chocolate bar.

I guess the only conclusion I can glean from this is that I love food, specifically chocolate, so much that it has taken on a fantasy-type role in my life. I hardly ever allow myself to eat chocolate bars, so having one really is somewhat of an out-of-body experience...almost surreal. I know it's not helping my weight situation, but somehow it is still worth it.

Plus, I'm beginning to feel better about the whole full-figured designation. Obviously everyone in the world doesn't consider a size 10 full-figured. In fact, maybe it is just the DC area that has this category so broadly defined. Or maybe it is just the United States. But there must be plenty of people out there who think I look just fine (and if you don't think that, then I don't particularly want to know about it).

As I eat this chocolate bar, I hereby renounce the opinion that size 10 women are full-figured. In fact, I argue that no woman should be labelled this way. If we need a label, it should be "normal," in my opinion. There are plenty of people my size. Doesn't that make it the norm? We should not be called out. If anything, the really skinny girls are in the minority. Ads should ask for size 1's if they want size 1's. But leave the size 10's out of it. You want us, then you ask politely, by calling on all healthy, curvy girls. No waif-like model types accepted.


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